PEDS Mousetrap Patents

This page posts the json body below to the api's query endpoint at This used to work with the pair bulk api but no longer works. The api would need to respond with an allows header to the options request most modern browsers make. Their swagger UI page works since it is hosted on their domain. Requests from pages on other dowmains, like this page, won't work without them allowing the CORS requests.
{ "searchText": "mouse", "fq": ["appStatus:\"Patented Case\""], "fl": "*", "mm": "100%", "df": "patentTitle", "qf": "appEarlyPubNumber applId appLocation appType appStatus_txt appConfrNumber appCustNumber appGrpArtNumber appCls appSubCls appEntityStatus_txt patentNumber patentTitle primaryInventor firstNamedApplicant appExamName appExamPrefrdName appAttrDockNumber appPCTNumber appIntlPubNumber wipoEarlyPubNumber pctAppType firstInventorFile appClsSubCls rankAndInventorsList", "facet": "true", "sort": "applId asc", "start": "0" }
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